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Treelines is the collaborative, story-centric family tree website you and your family have been looking for.

Whether you’re an experienced genealogist with a fully built-out tree or a fledgling family historian unsure where to dive in, you’ll find Treelines to be the perfect way to involve your whole family in adding meaning to your family's history. Here are the highlights of what you can do on Treelines:


Expand your family tree with the information that matters

Upload the family tree you already have or start one from scratch. Our family tree software encourages you to move beyond the basic names and dates to record the recollections and photographs that are even more important to preserve.

Ancestor timelines


Write stories in our award-winning storytelling tool

Record memories, design pages, incorporate your tree, and more—Treelines' groundbreaking tool will make it fun to record and organize your family's best stories.

Edit story pages

  • Easily import from your family tree and update your tree as you write
  • See at-a-glance what you've written and what photographs and records you've uploaded
  • Edit, delete, sort, and search your story easily

Share beautiful results your relatives will enjoy reading

Treelines displays your words and photographs in a timeline-driven presentation that will both move and educate your family.

Create beautiful stories

  • A dynamically-generated timeline visualizing the people and events in your story animates as you read
  • Zoom in on the pictures and records you include
  • Invite friends and family to read privately
  • Readers can add comments at the end
  • Here are some of our favorite user stories so far!

Collaborate with your whole family

With multiple levels of access controls, you can get everyone in your family circle involved in just the right way. Relatives from across the world can work with you to:

Create beautiful stories

  • Upload their family pictures and documents
  • Record their memories
  • Add stories to the tree
  • Build timelines for the family members they know best