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Genealogy and I met just before I turned 14, totally by accident, on a birthday party cemetery ghost-hunting expedition. I walked right into my ancestors and life has never been the same.

My education was duly influenced by the call of my ancestors. My Masters Degree is in Public History (Archives, Museum, Editing) and I received my Certified Genealogist status from the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG).

Today, I research and maintain, a free genealogy and local history web site for Greene County, Pennsylvania. I also provide family history and story-writing consultation for Memory Medallion, Inc. to assist families in sharing the memories of their loved ones at the location of remembrance.


It Began in a Graveyard

It Began in a Graveyard

Not quite 14 years old, I met my ancestors by accident and life has never been the same.

February 1993 – July 31, 2004
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